• 3rd i: Experiencialists in the Field of Quality Assurance

    When you want something done right, who do you trust more — a devoted specialist in the field, or a generalist trying to do a little bit of everything?
    The answer is simple, and the lesson speaks volumes.

  • 3rd i: In House 3-D Capability

    3rd i: Years of real world testing and technological expertise, now applied to state of the art 3-D Quality Assurance.

    From the latest player compatibility to 3-D menu navigation issues, we cover it all in a timely, assured manner, using the most current advancements in 3-D technology across multiple, dedicated 3-D QC work stations. Find out more now.

  • Collaborative Quality Assurance

    First hand, real-world, consumer-driven quality control: 3rd i QC. Find out about our new service called Collaborative Quality Assurance.

  • Quality Control for Digital Media Files

    3rd i QC Digital Media Files service addresses file delivery for distribution and the verification of existing digital file archives.

    We offer specialized, custom solutions for every client, ensuring timely and accurate QC for any project we take on.

  • 3rd i: In-House Japanese Language Capability

    At 3rd i, our wealth of quality assurance experience dictates that for something as complex as a feature title or episodic series destined for the Japanese market, the only way to ensure error-free products is to go with a team of highly qualified native speakers.

  • Blu-ray and BD-Live Technology

    3rd i Blu-ray QC staff has worked hand-in-hand with major studios since the birth of the Blu-ray format, and already has an unrivaled depth and scope of understanding in this ever-evolving High Definition format.

  • What 3rd i Can Do For You

    3rd i services are tailored for each client. Our team of experienced QC consultants and schedulers work hand-in-hand with your studio or facility aiding in design of authoritative specifications to deliver the highest level of DVD quality and accuracy.

3rd i: Focused on Quality

Quality assurance requires the precision and care of a discriminating expert.

With more than 25 years of quality control experience, our QA methodology is
organic and tailored to the needs and content of a given project.

3rd i ensures that your DVD, Blu-ray or 3-D title is flawless before it hits the shelves.

Simply put, 3rd i has built an impeccable reputation in our field.