There is simply no substitute for a dedicated, knowledgeable set of eyes on your product, offering you a fresh perspective. When it comes to real-time evaluation of your digital content, 3rd i’s expertise is unrivaled in the business, and our staff’s broad base of knowledge is unmatched.

3rd i performs a comprehensive analysis of your digital content, beginning with the Original Transfer Master and continuing through to all digital deliverable formats. Working through the process in stages, this gives our clients the ability to correct errors as early as possible, which ultimately prevents costly delays. And further, this method protects your company’s reputation by ensuring a positive, error-free consumer experience.

3rd i works with 4K/UHD, HD, and SD NTSC/PAL digital media content on every available source and in various formats, whether it be tape-based like HDCAM SR, or purely file-based. And we work both in-house at our Culver City facilities, and on location at numerous post production houses throughout Southern California, as well.

netflix vendor adAUTOMATED FILE-BASED QC

Sometimes our clients need to dig even deeper into the technical characteristics of their digital files. In addition to performing real-time quality assurance of all digital content, 3rd i also offers Automated File-Based QC analysis, using multiple platforms. Our real-time quality assurance, together with Automated File-Based QC combines the unique assets of human subjectivity and software objectivity.


Today’s fragmented landscape has led to numerous distribution outlets, and each has their own particular set of requirements. 3rd i also offers Transcoding services, allowing us to prepare your digital content for delivery across a wide variety of providers.


The experiences offered by Virtual and Augmented Reality applications are richer and more varied than traditional presentations. As a result, the impact on the consumer is that much greater. Just as major film and television studios would never release their content to the public before undergoing third party quality review, the same holds true for VR and AR applications.

3rd i understands that along with VR’s and AR’s potential for a deeper connection with the material comes the potential for greater confusion by an audience used to “lean back” experiences. 3rd i offers their invaluable objective viewpoint, simulating the end user’s donning of the headset for the first time. As a result, consumer frustrations and distractions are minimized, allowing the immersive experience to reach its desired impact.

Unlike previous home entertainment media, VR can have a significant adverse physiological impact on the consumer, leading to dizziness, nausea, and other effects that can linger after the headset has been removed. 3rd i offers real person testing, in addition to objective analysis, to alert the stakeholders to the cybersickness-inducing potential of their VR application.

Whether it be commenting on stitch lines and other video anomalies in 360° video experiences, strengthening visual and auditory cues to keep the user’s attention focused in the appropriate direction, or helping fine-tune the subtleties of the user interface in a software-based experience, 3rd i brings their wealth of end user testing experience to bear on the exciting new world of VR and AR applications.


3rd i understands that quality metadata represents nothing less than a competitive advantage. Incorrect or inconsistent metadata can cause search and retrieval faults, which leads to a loss of revenue, and unwanted delays.

While every industry relies on digital file storage, weak metadata can undermine the value of the content. Whether we’re talking about entertainment video files, music libraries, or records for the medical, legal, housing, or other business enterprises, 3rd i understands that reliable metadata can often be worth more than the content itself.

Our staff meticulously sifts through the metadata associated with your digital files, making corrections and additions as needed. Through this quality assurance process, we ensure the commercial viability and search visibility of your content, all the while analyzing and perfecting a robust set of metadata.


The value of your metadata can be significantly increased by a complete description of what it contains. 3rd i is available to catalog your entire digital media library, while adding rich descriptive metadata to aid in consumer discovery of valuable content.

Our quality assurance experts have years of experience scrutinizing the structures of motion pictures and television programs, and they know how to differentiate what’s important from what isn’t. Our thorough analysis of your content and the application of rich, content-based descriptive metadata allows for ultimate search-ability of your digital media: by you, by your partners, and most importantly, by consumers.


As the size of many digital catalogs continues to grow exponentially, the need for clear and logical organization cannot be understated. 3rd i functions as your digital librarian. We establish clear nomenclature parameters and rigorous workflow guidelines, and guarantee that each and every file will be at your fingertips, precisely when it’s needed most.


Chances are that you’ve heard this before: the world in which we live is continually shrinking. These days, content is almost always created within a global framework. 3rd i has assembled a diverse staff of language experts, covering the most commonly spoken languages around the world.

To provide quality assurance for a wide variety of translated materials requires a lot more than simple proofreading. Our quality assurance technicians consider the unique culture and current colloquialisms of the international consumer. Our staff of language experts understands local idioms and expectations, which allows us to offer a more thorough, relevant, and hands-on evaluation of your product. And this, in turn, leads to a frustration-free experience for your international consumers, thereby protecting your reputation around the globe.


3rd i’s staff of language experts applies their highly trained ears and eyes to localized audio streams, subtitles and captions, Blu-ray and DVD menus, mobile apps, games, software interfaces, and complete websites. If the materials have been translated, then we verify it for accuracy. Because of this, your customers will be able to enjoy your product exactly as you intended it.


Let us be the ones to discover any errors or inconsistencies, instead of your customers. 3rd i comprehensively evaluates every aspect of Blu-ray and DVD menus. This includes strict proofreading of the assets, all the way to thorough navigation. Whether the disc is basic and straightforward, or feature-rich with a dynamic, complex menu, our experienced team has literally seen it all. We ensure that your disc functions exactly the way you want it to. When your materials come face to face with consumers, there won’t be any surprises.


3rd i works closely with our major studio partners to create and manage the specifications used by all vendors for their home entertainment releases. By developing and maintaining these clear and concise sets of rules, the service we provide empowers our customers to work with multiple vendor facilities. This allows for consistency among vendors, and a smooth and cost-effective journey from project conception to market placement.


Our staff of quality assurance experts evaluates all assets on a Blu-ray or DVD disc, regardless of the project’s complexities. We go to great lengths to verify that all video, audio, subtitle, and caption streams are error-free, and ready for total consumer enjoyment.


Our Culver City facilities feature numerous dedicated quality assurance rooms. Each studio includes a variety of monitors, players, and surround sound receivers and speakers, all of which covers every level of audio and video performance – from the casual consumer, to the most dedicated cinephile or audiophile.

3rd i’s professional quality assurance studios also come equipped for Blu-ray 3D evaluation, using both active and passive 3D presentation systems. Our highly trained staff of experts understands the particular complexities that 3D brings to the QA process, as well as the particular needs of the 3D consumer.


When it comes to a complete evaluation of Blu-ray and DVD discs, sometimes using just a few different players isn’t thorough enough. In order to ensure maximum compatibility with the numerous makes and models of consumer equipment, 3rd i tests your disc with dozens of media players that are connected to numerous receivers and monitors. All of our clients receive complete reports that detail any inconsistencies across the various players and equipment we use.


As home entertainment technology evolves, 3rd i’s unique approach to quality assurance has continued to prove effective, year after year. And the approach remains extremely effective, regardless of the medium on which our partners’ content is consumed.

3rd i understands that all creative applications must adhere to a strict set of specifications, provided by our industry partners. However, our experience dictates that we’re equally certain of the importance of the consumer’s perspective – and they may know very little information when it comes to complex technical requirements.


Regardless of the project files that we’re working on – be they Blu-ray companion apps, a standalone app, games, a software interface, or website – the 3rd i “Quality of Experience” approach ensures that we provide a thorough, timely, and relevant evaluation of your product. Our technicians are trained to evaluate all materials by first putting themselves into the mind of your consumer. From this vantage point, they remain highly vigilant, always on the lookout for any issue that may detract from the creative intent and ease of enjoyment of your content.

With our dedicated, expert staff of quality assurance professionals evaluating your apps, games, software, or website, 3rd i ensures that the creative promise of your home entertainment media is always fulfilled.