3rd i Announces 4K/UHD Capabilities At Their Culver City Facility

Ramón Bretón, Chief Technology Officer, 3rd iNews

August 25, 2014. 3rd i embraces 4K/UltraHD, remaining on the forefront of Home Entertainment technology, while ensuring the quality evaluations for which they are known.

3rd i 4k uhd3rd i is pleased to announce the establishment of Master-Level Source QC rooms at their facilities in Culver City, California. These new rooms are equipped to handle source material of all resolutions, up to and including 4K/UHD. Anchoring the technology in these rooms is the Rohde & Schwarz Clipster Generation 5.

“After exploring all options, we concluded the Clipster is the best solution for real-time playout of 4K/Ultra High Definition material,” states CTO Ramón Bretón. “Additionally, we’ve secured delivery of the Generation 6 Clipster as soon as it becomes available early next year, which will give us the flexibility to handle literally any file format and resolution. We are excited about the Clipster’s ability to work with IMF files, as this capability will align with where the industry is heading.”

“In addition to Master-Level Source QC of 4K material, we are excited about other possibilities working with Rohde & Schwarz brings to 3rd i,” enthuses Founder and CEO Al Limón. “When a problem is discovered by our technicians, we now have the ability to make corrections rather than simply report the error. We can provide transcoding and conforming services to meet today’s varied file delivery requirements, not to mention the host of other post-production services the Clipster brings with it.”

“Although we’ve been performing Quality Assurance evaluations of source material for over 20 years,” Master QC Account Manager Kathy Blake adds, “offering these services at our facilities gives our clients more scheduling flexibility. Also, because 3rd i focuses on Quality Assurance, we have a smaller overhead compared to larger post houses, so our pricing is very competitive.”

Blake continues, “Quality Assurance of Digital Cinema Packages, which we currently perform at outside facilities, can now be accomplished in-house, and the Clipster’s DCP validation tools perfectly compliment the real-time evaluation for which our technicians are known.”

With the outfitting of these rooms, 3rd i can also better serve the needs of content owners who are not yet ready to make the jump to 4K. By offering Master-Level Source Quality Control of HD, SD/NTSC, and SD/PAL material on-site at their offices, 3rd i can ensure their high standards without depending on the availability or equipment of an outside facility.

For more information, please contact 3rd i today.

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