3rd i Selects GrayMeta to Solve Its Big Data and Metadata Challenges

Ramón Bretón, Chief Technology Officer, 3rd iNews

GrayMeta’s MetaFarm™ Helps 3rd i Extract, Automate, and Analyze 25 Years of Data

graymeta 3rd i logosLAS VEGAS, April 18, 2016 – NAB 2016 GrayMeta, a leading provider of metadata solutions that brings tremendous value to company assets, today announced that 3rd i, a pioneer in the field of 3rd party content and technology quality control for the entertainment industry, has selected GrayMeta’s MetaFarm to securely extract, search, and analyze its data and metadata. This will enable 3rd i to identify and transform over 25 years of metadata into meaningful data across multiple systems and files.

“Given the amount of data we have collected over the past 25-plus years, and MetaFarm’s ability to harvest and bring order and new perspectives to this data, we are excited about the prospect of not only having new insights into our own information, but also to offer this service to existing and new clients, in order to help them make sense of their data located across various internal silos,” said Al Limón, CEO and Co-Founder of 3rd i. He continues, “We are eager to offer a service that will turn vast quantities of data into marketable metadata, thus providing our clients increased efficiency, visibility, and profitability. For 3rd i, GrayMeta’s MetaFarm is the Swiss army knife of data collection.”

GrayMeta’s MetaFarm is an automated, modular metadata extraction platform that enables an organization to quickly and easily operationalize vast amounts of silo-based data. MetaFarm is a Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) offering that provides a simple and single interface for searching and creating both human-entered and machine-generated metadata.

GrayMeta allows customers to realize the potential of their data and metadata to add value and save time and money. GrayMeta will lead the capture of metadata and data from multi-petabytes of media, leveraging a combination of advanced search capabilities and speech and text recognition to automate the discovery and analysis of rich media content.

“We feel privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with 3rd i and to bring our innovative metadata solutions to data producers,” said Mark Gray, president of GrayMeta. “After stringent evaluation, they selected GrayMeta as the top choice to collect their data and metadata across a broad array of data sources, to deliver superior scalability, and to provide a deep analysis of over 100,000 files. As I have always said, if you can’t find it, you can’t sell it!”

MetaFarm is a powerful framework to help you tackle big data and metadata problems to save time and money. It builds context and searchability from all your assets. By automatically extracting a broad set of metadata from every file across all your file systems, and associating it to every piece of data in every database you own or have access to, MetaFarm enables an order of magnitude greater ROI.

MetaFarm is the easy to implement framework to bring together not just metadata locked inside your files, and data locked inside your silos, but also every piece of computer vision and content mining technology in a centralized way. MetaFarm uses a plug-in architecture called magnets to enable the extraction and generation of metadata from all file formats, as well as the harnessing of content mining and computer vision technologies.

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