3rd i understands that quality metadata represents nothing less than a competitive advantage. Incorrect or inconsistent metadata can cause search and retrieval faults, which leads to a loss of revenue, and unwanted delays.

While every industry relies on digital file storage, weak metadata can undermine the value of the content. Whether we’re talking about entertainment video files, music libraries, or records for the medical, legal, housing, or other business enterprises, 3rd i understands that reliable metadata can often be worth more than the content itself.

Our staff meticulously sifts through the metadata associated with your digital files, making corrections and additions as needed. Through this quality assurance process, we ensure the commercial viability and search visibility of your content, all the while analyzing and perfecting a robust set of metadata.


The value of your metadata can be significantly increased by a complete description of what it contains. 3rd i is available to catalog your entire digital media library, while adding rich descriptive metadata to aid in consumer discovery of valuable content.

Our quality assurance experts have years of experience scrutinizing the structures of motion pictures and television programs, and they know how to differentiate what’s important from what isn’t. Our thorough analysis of your content and the application of rich, content-based descriptive metadata allows for ultimate search-ability of your digital media: by you, by your partners, and most importantly, by consumers.


As the size of many digital catalogs continues to grow exponentially, the need for clear and logical organization cannot be understated. 3rd i functions as your digital librarian. We establish clear nomenclature parameters and rigorous workflow guidelines, and guarantee that each and every file will be at your fingertips, precisely when it’s needed most.