There is simply no substitute for a dedicated, knowledgeable set of eyes on your product, offering you a fresh perspective. When it comes to real-time evaluation of your digital content, 3rd i’s expertise is unrivaled in the business, and our staff’s broad base of knowledge is unmatched.

3rd i performs a comprehensive analysis of your digital content, beginning with the Original Transfer Master and continuing through to all digital deliverable formats. Working through the process in stages, this gives our clients the ability to correct errors as early as possible, which ultimately prevents costly delays. And further, this method protects your company’s reputation by ensuring a positive, error-free consumer experience.

3rd i works with 4K/UHD, HD, and SD NTSC/PAL digital media content on every available source and in various formats, whether it be tape-based like HDCAM SR, or purely file-based. And we work both in-house at our Culver City facilities, and on location at numerous post production houses
throughout Southern California, as well.


Sometimes our clients need to dig even deeper into the technical characteristics of their digital files. In addition to performing real-time quality assurance of all digital content, 3rd i also offers Automated File-Based QC analysis, using multiple platforms. Our real-time quality assurance, together with Automated File-Based QC combines the unique assets of human subjectivity and software objectivity.


Today’s fragmented landscape has led to numerous distribution outlets, and each has their own particular set of requirements. 3rd i also offers Transcoding services, allowing us to prepare your digital content for delivery across a wide variety of providers.