As home entertainment technology evolves, 3rd i’s unique approach to quality assurance has continued to prove effective, year after year. And the approach remains extremely effective, regardless of the medium on which our partners’ content is consumed.

3rd i understands that all creative applications must adhere to a strict set of specifications, provided by our industry partners. However, our experience dictates that we’re equally certain of the importance of the consumer’s perspective – and they may know very little information when it comes to complex technical requirements.


Regardless of the project files that we’re working on – be they Blu-ray companion apps, a standalone app, games, a software interface, or website – the 3rd i “Quality of Experience” approach ensures that we provide a thorough, timely, and relevant evaluation of your product. Our technicians are trained to evaluate all materials by first putting themselves into the mind of your consumer. From this vantage point, they remain highly vigilant, always on the lookout for any issue that may detract from the creative intent and ease of enjoyment of your content.

With our dedicated, expert staff of quality assurance professionals evaluating your apps, games, software, or website, 3rd i ensures that the creative promise of your home entertainment media is always fulfilled.