The experiences offered by Virtual and Augmented Reality applications are richer and more varied than traditional presentations. As a result, the impact on the consumer is that much greater. Just as major film and television studios would never release their content to the public before undergoing third party quality review, the same holds true for VR and AR applications.

3rd i understands that along with VR’s and AR’s potential for a deeper connection with the material comes the potential for greater confusion by an audience used to “lean back” experiences. 3rd i offers their invaluable objective viewpoint, simulating the end user’s donning of the headset for the first time. As a result, consumer frustrations and distractions are minimized, allowing the immersive experience to reach its desired impact.

Unlike previous home entertainment media, VR can have a significant adverse physiological impact on the consumer, leading to dizziness, nausea, and other effects that can linger after the headset has been removed. 3rd i offers real person testing, in addition to objective analysis, to alert the stakeholders to the cybersickness-inducing potential of their VR application.

Whether it be commenting on stitch lines and other video anomalies in 360° video experiences, strengthening visual and auditory cues to keep the user’s attention focused in the appropriate direction, or helping fine-tune the subtleties of the user interface in a software-based experience, 3rd i brings their wealth of end user testing experience to bear on the exciting new world of VR and AR applications.